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Volunteer with Rhinos

Volunteer with Rhinos at the International Anti-Poaching Foundation Green Army Volunteer Program and be at the front line of black rhino protection.

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Volunteer with Servals

Volunteer with Servals in Africa at a wildlife sanctuary - a volunteer testimony.

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Reduce Plastic

Reduce plastic not only in your life but in the area you live in to have a bigger impact!

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Volunteer with Elephants

Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand, an unforgivable experience at the Elephant Nature Park related to you by a recent volunteer...

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Shark Fins

Shark fin soup is apparently a delicacy, served at weddings and for important guests… But how can such a painful, cruel and unsustainable practice be associated with a fancy meal and happy times?

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Wildlife Photography Tips

Wildlife Photography Tips gives the beginner and passionate photographer some insights on how to get the perfect picture of her / his favourite wild animals…

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African Animal Safari

African Animal Safari or why Africa is renowned for having the best animal safaris in the world: find tips and top destinations here!

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Wild Animal Safari

Go on a Wild Animal Safari and experience the beauty of wildlife in their natural environment: priceless!

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Koala Detection Dog

Koala Detection Dog Maya is the latest recruit in the fight to protect threatened koalas.

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Conservation Officer

My name is Christina Zdenek, and my job title is Conservation Officer. I am employed by The Australian National University. My job is basically to run

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Baby Animals

Baby animals are not only awfully cute, they are also fascinating stories on the diversity of how life starts.

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Volunteer With Dolphins

Volunteer With Dolphins: read about the wonderful experience of spending days with wild dolphins in Monkey Mia

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Animal Quiz

Animal Quiz: some interesting facts about wildlife that will surprise you

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Animal Facts

The Animal facts page gathers some interesting snippets about wildlife. Wild animals got it all: they can be beautiful, intriguing, amazing, funny, cute or just plain weird.

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Animals in the wild

Nothing beats seeing directly animals in the wild. Whether it’s in a nature reserve near you or on a safari tour on the other side of the world, this is a must do: experience wildlife first hand.

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Green Shopping

Green shopping or the many ways you can offer a gift that doesn’t cost the Planet.

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Wild Garden

Build yourself a Wild Garden! A place that is a safe haven for wild animals, where you can observe the wonders of backyard biodiversity.

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Palm oil

How could palm oil and wild animals be connected? Because this oil is cheap, it is use massively in many day-to-day products. The problem? To grow palm we clear rainforest.

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Plastic Free

Being totally plastic free is a challenge – but there are many ways we can at least decrease our plastic consumption. Maybe start with five good resolutions!

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Wildlife Quotes

Some of my favourite wildlife quotes, or other inspirational, nature and animal lovers wise words.

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