Wild Animal Coloring

Develop your kids' creativity with Wild Animal Colorings free to download!

These coloring book pages are done based on real wild animals and are accompanied by some interesting animal facts. Kids can color them based on the real wild animal colors or let their imagination go wild!

You can save the coloring book pages on your computer by right clicking on your mouse and select "Save picture as". Then open the document and send it to your printer!

Frilled Lizard coloring


This posture, with the hood expanded and the mouth open, is the frilled lizard response to threats. This makes him look much bigger and frightening, and is usually enough to scare the offender. If not, the frilled lizard then turn around and run as fast as it can toward a hiding place.

Courageous but not foolhardy!

Hippopotamus coloring


I am an absolute fan of hippos!

They are just gorgeous! But also very interesting... Do you know who their closest relatives are? Have a guess!

I bet you didn't guess whales? But this is true, whales are hippos' closest cousins!! I suppose it then makes sense that hippos are the 3rd largest terrestrial animals (after elephants and rhinoceroses). Despite its size and stubby body, a hippo can easily outrun a human.

Did you also know that hippos give birth under water? They are just full of strange behaviours like this!

Green and Golden Bell Frog coloring


Like many frogs around the word, the Green and Golden Bell Frog (Litoria aurea) is in sharp decline. It has disappeared from 90% of its range.

As often the main culprit is habitat destruction, but pollution, disease (chytrid fungus) and predation from introduced or feral species are also to blame.

Leaf-cutting Ant coloring


These amazing ants cut leaves and bring the fragments back to their nest to serve as forage for their fungus farms. Ants care very well for their fungus: not only do they feed it with only its favorite leaf species, they also give it antimicrobials to protect it from disease.

Bits of the cultivated fungus are then fed to ant larvae.

Female Richmond Birdwing Butterfly coloring


This beautiful butterfly is one of Australia's largest butterfly: it can reach up to 16cm. The Richmond Birdwing Butterfly is threatened by the clearing of its habitat for many reasons including forestry, farming, urban development and mining.

Richmond Birdwing Butterfly

And these are the colours of a real Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, if you want to stick to reality... But it's as good to invent other colours!

Wolf Spider coloring


This great hunter relies heavily on its 8 eyes for locating preys. The lower row of eyes contains 4 small eyes, the middle row has two large eyes, and finally the top row (almost looking up on the drawing), two medium eyes.

If you go out at night, for a drive or with a flash light, you can actually easily find these spiders because of their eyeshine! (just like a cat, only much smaller)

I will keep adding new coloring book pages as I draw them, so come back when you run out and check what new wild animals are available!