Volunteer in Canada

Canada has always made me dream... Such a magnificent country, such an amazing wildlife...

Cariboo, artic fox, Canadian lynx, Wolverine, beluga whale, killer whale... Do I need to say anymore?

If you know more places to volunteer in Canada, contact Wildhelpers!

Very frequently projects in Northern America (Canada here and see the page on how to volunteer in USA) are very well run - they also have the added advantage that you are never far from civilisation (that is, communication and transport are easy).

A great way to volunteer in the Canada is by contacting University labs in one of Canada's numerous Universities.

Look on the internet for wild animals and or wild places you'd like to volunteer with, then track Universities close by. Go through their science or biology department, and see if they have projects that interest you.

Send an email to any project leader you find and you love, and ask whether they need  volunteers.

Some of the projects presented here are University projects...

Volunteer for prairie birds

Volunteer performing plant surveys to understand the link between prairie birds and the environment

Credit: Julie Dewilde

This project focuses on monitoring prairie birds which are showing decline in the past few years and try to determine the reason for this decline. Of course all this work in the hope to find ways to better protect prairie birds.

This project is run by the Landscape Ecology and Conservation of Songbirds and Prairie Ecosystems research group, from the University of Manitoba.

The specific project is called the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on tall-grass prairie conservation, so visit their site to volunteer in Canada with birds!

Volunteer for the Burrowing Owl

The Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of British Columbia is a non for profit organisation made of very dedicated and diverse people with one common goal: saving the amazing burrowing owl.

Burrowing owls are cute little owls (30cm) that spend most of their time on the ground, as well as making their home below ground. They have disappeared from the area in the 1980s. Now you can volunteer to help get them back!


Juvenile burrowing owl

Credits: William H. Majoros, Wikicommons

The program:

  • breeds the burrowing owls,
  • raises the fledgings,
  • prepares burrow for the owls in the grasslands where they'll be eventually released,
  • releases them into the wild,
  • monitors them in their new home,
  • educates the public about them.

You can be involved in all these activities as well as being on the organisation side of it: field trip logistics, construction and maintaining of the facilities, etc.

Sounds great, well get in touch and volunteer for Burrowing Owl Conservation now!

Volunteer with Wildlife Preservation Canada

There are many opportunities for volunteering with Wildlife Preservation Canada.

Wildlife Preservation Canada is a non for profit organisation involved in hands-on recovery actions for threatened species: captive breeding, re-introductions,  translocations, as well as scientific studies.

For example:

  • Survey endangered Eastern Loggerhead Shrikes in their breeding sites or report them during their migration, and built up enough knowledge to protect them.
  • You can help Wildlife Preservation Canada with their fall annual Gala that raise money for all their amazing projects.