Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

by Mary

Giraffes at Taronga Zoo, Credits: Wiki Commons,  Jan Derk

Giraffes at Taronga Zoo, Credits: Wiki Commons, Jan Derk

One of the best things of Taronga Zoo is the incredible view, one of the best views of the harbour in Sydney.

The Taronga Zoo Corporate Function I went to was a real joy, with good food, a fabulous view, and the chance to meet wonderful native animals including a Koala, a Python and Echidna. They were careful not to let the animals get stressed by the attention and clearly loved them.

I've been told the Free-flight Bird Show is very good, and from what I've seen of the Marine Mammals show it's also good.

I have personally been a Zoo supporter for years, because of all the good things I think they do for wildlife:

1- They do value educating the public on all sorts of wildlife, which I very much appreciate.

2- Taronga zoo is involved in many wildlife Conservation Projects:

- Tasmanian Devil: research on facial cancer as well as a breeding program of healthy devils.

- Tiger: Saving the Sumatran Tiger has been one of their goals for many years.

- Asian Elephant: They rescue Asian elephants from the streets where they are used to make money, do their best to rehabilitate them and keep them safe, as well as bringing some to Sydney for a breeding program aimed at conserving the species.

- Lemur Conservation: Don't know much about this, but they are working at caring for these animals.

3- They also take care of many injured or sick native animals brought in by the public, and where possible release them into the wild when they are healthy again.

As far as animal welfare is concerned, the cages have improved over recent years, with much more room for the Chimps, and a better enclosure for the Orang-Utan.

There are all sorts of events, workshops, internships and certificates...

Taronga Zoo also has courses where they teach:
- Wildlife Photography,
- Keeper for a Day,
- Caring for Native fauna and others...

Although I haven't personally been on any of these courses, since these are professionals caring for animals on a daily basis, I would think they would be interesting and informative.

They also have lectures for teachers and work closely with teachers and children, something they've been doing for over 30 years.

I would definitely say Taronga Zoo is one of the great Wildlife World Zoos!

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Love Taronga Zoo too!
by: Deb (Sydney)

Especially the view...

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