My Wildlife: Update from the Field

My wildlife stories can give you an idea of what experiences you can live with wildlife as a wildlife researcher...

Some of the wonderful adventures below I lived as part of my studies, some as a volunteer, and some for my current job.

So there are many ways to get involved with wildlife, you just have to find the best way for your situation!

Here is a page where I talk about what I know best... My own experiences with wildlife. Some of the things I’m talking about might surprise (and upset?) you. I tried to stay true to myself and keep in mind why I do everything I do: for the wildlife.


You might for instance not be that impressed to learn I currently work for a mining company. This is OK, I accept the critics.

I only try to work where I can have a positive impact on wildlife, and I think collaboration with industries can be more effective than frontal collision. But certainly not everyone would agree! Probably different strategies will be needed at different times and places to get the results we all want: more wildlife protection.

Anyway, these are my wildlife stories...

Wildlife in Post-Mining Rehabilitated Areas

I spend my young life dreaming about various jobs I could get being involved with and helpful to wildlife. Yet for the hours (days/week/months) dreaming about all I would achieve for the love of wildlife, never did I imagine I would... work for a mining company.

Living with Gorillas

This is certainly the most extreme adventure of my life so far: living in the Congo jungle for eight months, spying on gorillas...

I was lucky to find this internship while looking for my final year project as part of my veterinarian studies.

This didn't come easy though. I must have written, by emails and by snail mail, hundreds and hundreds of letters to conservation organisations around the world.

Yet nothing came out of it, and, as most frequently in my life, it was sheer luck that saved my day.

Sheer luck and, typical of me, plain stubbornness.


How to Catch a Koala?

This was the core of my PhD and my master. So, poor me, I had the hard task of working with koalas for 7 years now!

I know, I know... But someone has to do it...

Read more on How to Catch a Koala?


Collecting Dolphins’ Snot

Do you have friends you love? Friends you really, really love? I have! And Celine is one of them for many reasons, including sending me on a special mission of... snot collection!

It does exist, and it is science. I swear!


What is it About Poo?

If you read the story about snot, you probably start to wonder what my problem is: now a story about poo??!

And I must admit that if you look into my CV, you might very well think I am obsessed with poo.

One way or another, I have been working on poo for the past 9 years!

Poo is amazing.

Read more about What is it About Poo?


Wombat poo

For the Eyes of Gliders

Do you believe me when I say I've never seen anything cuter than a glider? You can get lost in their huge eyes!

Read more about For the Eyes of Gliders


Amazing Conservation Dogs

What exactly can a dog do for conservation? A lot actually! All thanks to their amazing sense of smell...

Read more about Amazing Conservation Dogs and in particular Maya, the koala detection dog.

Detection dog ready for action!

Count Whales from the Sky

Yet to come...

Urban Wildlife

Our cities are not without their own wild animals...

Some researchers are spending their time studying wildlife without ever leaving the cities: this is called Urban Ecology.


These were a few of my wildlife stories...

If you enjoyed what you read, maybe you should investigate a job in wildlife, such as being a researcher.

There are also many exciting adventures you can find as a volunteer for wild animals.

I personally think this is as good as life can get! And I only wish I will continue my collection of precious moments shared with fantastic wild animals...