Don’t Wear Fur
(I am positive that you already don’t!)
and Spread the Word

Fur is a cruel and unnecessary business.

Get the facts about fur and don’t support it! Don’t wear fur and pass on the message around you.

Fur is Not Fashionable

I am not a fashion addict – that actually could not be further from me! (If you don’t believe me, this is how I dress up every day to go to work.)

But my little sister is... She did open my eyes about the beauty in human’s wear (it would be a sad look if we all wear a grey baggy uniform). So I now can respect that people want to look good and dress beautifully.

But fur, nope, sorry, cannot understand. To be wrapped in misery and suffering and to be proud to walk around with this coat of shame is beyond my brain capacity.

If anyone needs more convincing there are videos available on the net that shows fur senseless cruelty in a fur farm.

That’s if you can bear to watch them, because it does make you sick. But if I did know someone still wearing fur, I would send it to them. Then they can’t pretend not to know at what cost they are “fashionable”.

Animal fur is worn by beautiful animals and heartless people

Fur is Animal Cruelty

I have seen the footage, and this makes you ashamed of being a human.


This is what fur means (if you can't whatch the video, which I totally understand):

Animals are skinned alive.

Yes, their skin is removed from their bodies while they are alive, that’s right. They are sometimes beaten before being skinned, which leaves them with broken bones and convulsing. They are lined up and watch other animals killed before them, one after the other, until their turn has come.

The skinned bodies are thrown on a pile. There, you can see the still alive animals blink, gasp and one even lifted his head and look at the camera.

Skinned animals can remain alive in this condition for 10 minutes.

These animals tortured for a coat are racoons, foxes, minks or rabbits (sometimes farmed, sometimes wild animals are used). Sentient, intelligent mammals with a nervous system that conducts pain, and a brain that can understand what is happening.



Precious wild seals (Australia)

Another example of fur trade: Canada is supporting seal hunt for fur (for seal skin coats, boots and slippers mostly). This directly impacts on wild animals.

The seal industry is proud to announce that they are trying to improve the animal welfare so that animals are treated “humanely and with respect”. This is what they propose to teach the seal harvester, starting next year:

“Harvesters must first shoot or strike animals on the cranium with a firearm or hakapik or club.

They must then ensure the skull has been crushed and the seal is dead.

The third step is to cut major arteries under the front flippers and bleed the animal for at least a minute before skinning it.”


Which makes you wonder, how were they doing it before?


This is how an observer describes it: 

“Seals were wounded and left to suffer crawling through their own blood. Seals that were wounded went into the water and were desperately trying to swim as the blood was pouring out of them. Some of them were gaffed alive on to the boats.”

Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society International Canada



No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink.

Murray Banks

Fur is cruelty at its worst.

It makes no sense. Don’t support it and don’t let your friends and family ignore the suffer in the name of “fashion”.