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Animal Quiz: True or False?

Wolverine pups can have different fathers when they are born in the same litter: true or false?



Tarantulas transform their prey into a liquid smoothie and drink it with their straw-like mouth: true or false?


Dolphins sleep with half of their brain: true or false?

True: because dolphin take conscious breaths, they always need half of their brain to remain awake, thus can only afford to have half of their brain asleep at a time…


Dolphins sleeping - or "snaging" (because they look like a row of sausages = snags in Australian slang)

Female praying mantis can sometimes eat their husband: true or false?



The Loch Ness monster is a protected species: true or false?

True (Under the provisions of the 1912 Scottish Protection of Animals Act).


Dolphins call each other by their name: true or false?



Gold fish have a poor memory: true or false?

False, they can be trained to perform complex tasks and remember it for weeks.

Baby koalas eat their mum poo: true or false?

True! A special kind of poo only, one that contains lots of great bacteria that will help the baby koala to digest its own food.


Flamingos are pink because of what they eat: true or false?

True: their colour comes from a shrimp-like crustacean and in captivity, they lose their pink colour if their diet is not supplemented.

Starfish have a brain in the centre of their body: true or false?

False: Starfish have instead a network of nerves.


Koalas are bears: true or false?

False: they are marsupials, just like kangaroo they have a pouch to carry their baby around!


Ostriches bury their heads in sand: true or false?

False of course!

Although looking at the picture below you wouldn't think so...

Ostriches, Credits: Deb Olive

Sloths can remain hanging on their branch after death: true or false?



Elephants can’t jump: true or false?

True! They are too heavy to have their four feet off the ground at the same time…


Ants can change the shape of their feet depending on what they are doing: true or false?

True: they can increase their foot contact area when the carry heavy loads, but if they have to run they can decrease it.


The blue whale largest blood vessels are big enough for a human to swim in: true or false?

Theoretically true – although no one has tried it yet.


Cheetah are the fastest animal in the world: true or false?

False: The spine tailed swift can fly fastest than the cheetah can run.


All lionesses in a pride are related: true or false?



Baby dolphins are born with a moustache: true or false?

True! They lose it quickly…

Giraffe have more bones in their necks than humans: true or false?

False, they have just the same (7).


Some turtles can breathe through their bottom: true or false?

True: The Fitzroy river turtle absorbs more oxygen thanks to its bottom than its mouth.


Black panthers and leopards are two big cat species: true or false?

False, the black panther is a leopard with a dark fur.


Sloths use toilets: they always poo and wee in the same place on the ground: true or false?



Wombats make square poo: true or false?



Wombat and wombat poo

Flamingos can only eat with their head upside down: true or false?


Elephant drink through their trunk: true or false?

False, they use their trunk to suck up water and bring it to their mouths.


Frogs can vomit their stomach to clean it: true or false?



A blue whale tongue is about as heavy as an elephant: true or false?


The pink fairy armadillo has an external armour that can blush: true or false?


Elephant are wrinkled to keep cool: true or false?

True! The wrinkles increase their skin surface and help keep their temperature down.

Animal Quiz: Open Questions

How many times its weight can an ant carry?

100 times (the Asian weaver ant).


How many humans can the poison from one golden poison dart frog kill?



The now extinct platypus frogs were caring for their babies a special way: how?

Their eggs developed in the mum’s stomach (they were also called gastric-brooding frogs).


What is an axolotl?

A salamander.


How long is a giraffe's tongue?

45-50 centimetres.


Who is thought to be the longest living animal?

A clam that lived 507 years.

How far away can elephants talk to each other?



It is the only mammal that produces eggs AND is venomous!

The platypus.


How many times its own height can a flea jump?

200 times (equivalent to you jumping to the top of the Empire State Building).


How does a honey bee communicate where a new food source is to others?

It dances: the waggle dance used by bees is able to indicate the distance and the direction of the food source (compared to the sun) as well as how much food there is.


What does a hagfish do to defend itself against predators?

It creates a thick layer of slime around its body!


What do pandas almost exclusively feed on?


How much water can an elephant hold in its trunk?

10 litres.

I am known to be David Attenborough favourite animal!

Birds of paradise.


Which mammal is capable of sustaining flight?


How many elephants to equal the weight of a blue whale?

20 to 40.


What colour is a giraffe tongue?

Blue or black.

What is the world largest land carnivore?

A bear (the Kodiak bear).


Who is the slowest fish?

The seahorse (less than 0.02 km/h).


What do koalas almost exclusively feed on?


What’s the largest animals to have ever lived on Earth?

The blue whale (30m long, 160 tons). Larger than any dinosaur…


How long does it take a sloth to digest its food?

Up to a month.


Do Mosquitoes have a favourite colour?

Yes (blue).


What is the biggest wild cat?

The Siberian tiger.


How many kilograms does an elephant poo a day?


How much does an adult elephant drink a day?

Around 225 litres.


Knowing that an adult grey kangaroo weight between 40 and 80kg, how much does a grey kangaroo weight it at its birth?

Around 1 gram for less than 2 cm.


What bird can fly backward?

The hummingbird.


How long is the arctic tern (a tiny 113g bird) migration?


How do most big cats kill their prey?

By suffocation (all except the jaguar which crunches the prey’s skull).

Is the rhinoceros horn closer to a tooth or a nail?

A nail, the horn is made of keratin.


Rhinos, Credits: Deb Olive

Animal Quiz: Who am I?

Who am I?

I live in Madagascar.

I have a strange look and a very long skinny finger usefull to find larvae under tree bark.

I am threatened because people think I am bad luck and kill me for it.

The Aye-aye.


Who am I?

I live in tropical waters.

I am formed by a colony of invertebrate, carnivorous animals.

I can be 50 million years old.

Coral reefs.

Who am I?

I live in the Galapagos Island.

I swim and eat under water.

I can shrink my skeleton and my body length can decrease by 20%.

I am an iguana (the Galápagos marine iguana).

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