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Sometimes looking around us at the extinction rate, the number of endangered and vulnerable species, habitat destruction, deforestation, desertification, pollution, climate change, (the list goes on...) it is quite easy to just spiral down to despair.

Well then there is a great news for you: you can help, if you stay positive and get involved with Nature at your level (local, national, international. If you are a TV star, part of a monarchic family, or a wealthy heir, I’m expecting you to aim at the international level. The rest of us will aim a tiny bit lower.)

The rest of us can all become wildlife helpers!

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Why become a wildlife helpers?

Tips to help wildlife will also make you:

  • feel better knowing you can make a difference,
  • feel useful straight away: you can start TODAY on many easy steps that don't cost much time or effort,
  • share precious moments with wildlife, a great energy booster,
  • meet fabulous people that share the same passion,
  • stop stressing about what is wrong with the world because you will be busy changing it.

I'm sure you know this quote but I will say it again because this is just such a powerful mantra:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does" 

Margaret Mead

So: stay positive and act for animal and wild life.

Here at Wildhelpers you will find all sorts of things you can do to help, get involved with and understand animal and wild life.


Help wild animals big and small!

Start Acting for Nature Now!

Browse around the Wildhelpers site and find:

  • Small things we can all do in our day-to-day life to have a positive impact on native animals & their environment

Be part of the global effort of conservation: pick and choose whether you want to help in your garden, inside your house, with how you dress etc. There are about a millions things we can do to help wild and exotic animals!

  • Life-time experiences getting involved with the wild world of animals

Check out how you can volunteer with wildlife all around the world. Not able to travel? You can also volunteer without leaving your home.

Browse the best places to take your family to experience the beauty of animal of the wild first hand for the afternoon or for a magic holiday.


Check out the people that are making a difference in conservation big time in our wild animal celebrities.

You can do it too! If you can’t think of anything else but our native fauna, then browse the variety of wildlife jobs or learn from experts. The “Wildlife people are amazing” links give you examples of what real people do in real life to understand and help wild and exotic animals.

  • Get your kids close to Nature

Start early to foster the love of fauna and flora in your kids. Find great colouring books, crafts and activities around wild species to have some family fun. See it all in our wildlife for kids, kids for wildlife page.

  • We don’t know everything about wildlife, far from it!

Stay tune for new discoveries made on really wild animals by Scientists (but without the scientific jargon) on our Wildlife News page.

  • Learn about the diversity of the wild animal kingdom

Browse some of the weird and marvelous animal facts. We have spotlights on cute animals, baby animals, funny animals, African animals and much more. Read it to entertain yourself, to look good in front of your friends or to do great school projects. 

  • Have many friends that love native fauna too?

Get inspired with our wildlife gift shop. You can choose gifts that help wild animals or that feature them! Coming soon!!! Thanks for your patience!!


So Don’t Despair, Become a Wildlife Helper!

Don’t burn all your energy being overwhelmed at how humans are having such a huge negative impact on the planet. You won’t have enough energy left to change the world. I tell you this because I know this for fact: I have been there and wasted precious time, so you don’t need to make the same mistake!

Indeed I have been sitting in my lounge room full of depressing thoughts and you know what? That made absolutely no difference to any animal species! I had to kick my butt (now I work with wildlife), and I will kick yours too if you keep being too depressed to act!

Now you know: there is actually heaps you can do to make the world a better place for native wild animals...

And guess what? In the meantime you will also make the world a better place for yourself!

OK now, no excuse and no time to waste:

Start doing something today to help wild animals!

You don’t have to do everything and be perfect in all aspects of your life (perfect is boring).

Do what you can, knowing every little bit will help wild animals.